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Under the leadership of Erkan GENÇ, ERKAN AGRO has deep roots and rich experience in the agricultural sector. Thanks to its experience in the industry and its extensive customer network, it has become one of the leading companies in corn drying & storage and grain seed trading. Our company, which has gained trust and respect in the market with its quality service philosophy and its experienced and skilled staff, successfully conducts the trade of all grain products. ERKAN AGRO, the new investment of Erkan GENÇ, aims to be one of the pioneers in the grain sector both locally and globally; it provides high-quality grains to industrialists in Turkey and Europe. Dedicated to delivering reliable and quality products in a way that fairly compensates our farmers' labor to the buyer, ERKAN AGRO now has a strong fleet of 30 vehicles, including 10 new trucks recently added to its fleet. By doing so, it aims to further improve service quality and consolidate its leadership in the sector. As Yiğit Agricultural Products and ERKAN AGRO, we continue to stand by our farmers with our experience and expertise in the sector, offering the best return for their labor. We take pride in serving without compromising on quality in grain trading, thanks to our innovative investments and strong infrastructure. With our increasing market share and customer satisfaction, we will continue to take confident steps towards being the best in the agricultural sector.

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Erkan AGRO

We Bring the Abundance of Nature to Your Tables.

As Erkan Agro, we deliver the purest and richest grains nature has to offer, without any loss of value, directly to you.